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Quirky furniture pieces so creative, they stand out from the usual

There are creative furniture pieces. And there are these! These furniture pieces will simply blow your mind with their quirky style. They will also serve as great sources of inspiration for creative furniture that can also turn out to be quite functional, even better than traditional furniture in some cases. Take a look at these 6 extremely creative furniture pieces ...

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display art in your home (1)

6 Creative ways you can display art in your home

Inherited a whole lot of artwork from your great grandfather or grandmother and trying to find out a way to fit them into your home’s décor? Or just have a taste for everything artistic and want to decorate your home to reflect your same? Well, here are some tips that can help you display artwork in the most creative ways ...

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4 Steps to Choosing Granite Worktops for Your Kitchen

Granite is an increasingly popular material for use in the kitchen. It is a hardwearing, versatile natural stone that is suitable for table tops, countertops, splashbacks, tiles, and many other areas in the kitchen. When you are looking at granite for your new kitchen or your kitchen refurbishment it is helpful to pay attention to colour, detail, and design features ...

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choosing paint for your home (6)

Mistakes to avoid when choosing paint for your home

You put color on your walls with the best of intentions but it turns out worst. You feel bad and start wondering, as to how could this happen, when you have used the high quality paints and you have put in many efforts to choose a color palette for your home décor. Well, this simply means that you unintentionally you ...

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Xcentric coffee table by Goci Bjelajac 2

Add shine and style to your décor with modular coffee tables

Multipurpose furniture is of best use in homes that are small. Modular coffee tables belong to this category of multipurpose furniture pieces. While not in use, they are compact and you can expand them as per your requirement, or changing their arrangement in any way to serve your purpose. They are the results of out of the box thinking capacities ...

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