Makeup mirror by MUID team (2)

Makeup mirror by MUID team doubles up as LED Table lamp

Do you often have to rush to a restroom or a bedroom every time for makeup touchup? Not anymore, MUID ...

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Phresh food protector promises to decrease food waste with an edible powder

Food items are highly perishable. Since food is the most important part of our survival, we need ways to protect ...

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The Dice Chair  (1)

Lightweight and multi-functional chair

Geometric furniture and transforming furniture units are making their way into our households faster than we can understand. This is ...

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DazzLED  (2)

DazzLED is energy efficient mood enhancing light to sparkle your home

You must have seen and used a range of decorative lights at home. To bring an efficient solution to the ...

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Oval utility wall fixture (2)

Oval utility wall fixture by Lucy Yip is quite a utility

USA-based student of Rhode Island School of Design, Lucy Yip has created autility wall fixture that proves to be a ...

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paint the bathroom

5 Ways you can paint the bathroom just right

Bathrooms are small and generally have the most traffic in the house. They are usually water prone and therefore very ...

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foreclosure auctions (2)

4 Things to know about foreclosure auctions

Foreclosure is the legal process by which a lender recovers loans of borrows failing to make loan payments by selling ...

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Geometric planters

Gorgeous yet cheap modern planter DIY projects

You visit a market with a desire to lay hands on gorgeous yet cheap modern planters to find that nothing ...

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Artwork 2

Things every room needs to make it ‘complete’

Everyone has their own taste and ideas when it comes to room decoration and redesigning. Butno matter what your preferenceor ...

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identify drafts in house

Smart ways you can draft-proof your home to save energy

As energy requirements of a household in urbanized areas increases, the demand for more supply is increasing too. A gap ...

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Dining table

Dining table transformation brings multi-functionality to compact living

When moving into small space, it is difficult to stuff in all your furniture; simply because retro furniture requires so ...

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Add your style

Your guide to a family-friendly living room

You can have kids, pets at home and can still enjoy residing in a beautiful and a stylish home. You ...

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