Bring force to your home with sweet geeky furniture

Geeky furniture is awesome. They combine in them utility, fun and decorative elements and are necessarily playful items to surprise the guests who come to our house. They definitely do go beyond the usual to bring out the best of the geeky style. Here let us have a look at a few of these geeky pieces of creation-

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Storage space cum shelves

Modern under stair storage solutions to spruce up your home

We usually face storage and space problems while living in a cramped urban apartment. Therefore, it becomes important for us to fully utilize the vacant spaces in our house, and that too smartly. Usually overlooked, vacant space underneath staircases can be used to store various object scattered around the house. All you need to be a bit creative to make ...

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bachelor pad room design (6)

Unique and interesting bachelor pad room designing ideas

Bachelorhood has its own charm, as you have little responsibility towards anyone, need not to reason out with anyone and can have a delectable experience of being free from answerability. This automatically translates into an individual enjoying the liberty in designing his room in accordance with his own choice. Here we have listed some unique and interesting ideas to let ...

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