Pull Down Bed

7 Artfully Designed beds for the modern dwelling

  With the size of homes reducing drastically, the need has arisen for modular furniture that can be used when needed and put away afterwards. More homeowners are on the lookout for such furniture which would enable them to enjoy the comforts of a modern home without crowding the living space too much.

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Yule bookshelf

Stunning bookshelves shaped like trees

A bookshelf is one of the most common furniture pieces in an office or home.A bookshelf makes the best use of a wall and systemizesstorage ofbooks, files, documents that would otherwise occupy a lot of space. Simple shelf style bookshelves are quite monotonous and a creative design adds to the beauty of the room. Various designs have been created in ...

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natural light in home_2

Making Your Home More Affordable

There are lots of housing options out there for people who are low income or economically challenged. But what if you can’t afford to simply move and start over in a new home that was designed to meet your economic needs? What if you’re stuck in the home you have–at least for the time being? Here are the things that ...

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