VARA light (3)

VARA light is smart take on the mundane bulbs

With IoT our homes are steadily become so much tech inspired and connected that soon we will be doing everything from controlling our appliances, lighting and home security system with our smartphones alone. To give us a more inspirational glimpse of the future, two able designers have developed an exciting smart lighting solution in the VARA light.

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Oval utility wall fixture (2)

Oval utility wall fixture by Lucy Yip is quite a utility

USA-based student of Rhode Island School of Design, Lucy Yip has created autility wall fixture that proves to be a must have for every home. Entitled as Oval, the all-encompassing is provided with everything required by any individual. Supporting an oval-shaped, the wall utility comes with powerful features including digital clock, thermometer, lamp, plants, humidifier and a mini white board.

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paint the bathroom

5 Ways you can paint the bathroom just right

Bathrooms are small and generally have the most traffic in the house. They are usually water prone and therefore very likely to develop mould and show pealing walls. This makes it very important to paint the bathroom ceiling and walls more often than other rooms of the house (including kitchen).

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foreclosure auctions (2)

4 Things to know about foreclosure auctions

Foreclosure is the legal process by which a lender recovers loans of borrows failing to make loan payments by selling of the assets used as collateral against loan. When lenders take over a property, foreclosure auctions offer buyers a great chance to buy a property at throwaway price. Foreclosure auctionisthe simplest way to save money on real estate.

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Geometric planters

Gorgeous yet cheap modern planter DIY projects

You visit a market with a desire to lay hands on gorgeous yet cheap modern planters to find that nothing as such exists. There are either gorgeous and expensive planters or cheap and not so aesthetically pleasing ones. Here comes remodeling and DIY projects to your rescue. You can grab some cheap planters and put in some efforts to beautify ...

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Lynx  3

Lynx – Smart tap with induction heating for a smartkitchen

Industrial designer Murray Sharp developed the concept of a smart tap with induction heating that could perform multiple functions to facilitate kitchen work. The tap is designed for high-end users, who want everything in their house to be smart. The designer calls it the Lynx, which made on the principal of ‘why not’ instead of why’.  Sharp has explored possibilities ...

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Innovative Electron flat-pack chair  2

Innovative Electron flat-pack chair by Konstantin Achkov

Designer Konstantin Achkov, who has worked with complex structures like ‘tensegrity, conceived and materialized a unique, compact flat-pack furniture unit – the Electron Chair. The present product was originally presented a few years ago as a prototype, which received enormous appreciation from designers and design magazines. So, the designer gained more confidence and worked further on the refinement of the ...

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identify drafts in house

Smart ways you can draft-proof your home to save energy

As energy requirements of a household in urbanized areas increases, the demand for more supply is increasing too. A gap in high demand and comparatively lesser supply has led to rise in energy costs. People around the globe consume large amount of electricity to maintain the temperatures at home – in summers, people spend on air conditioning and in winters ...

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