know about basement flooring (7)

Best options and things you should know about basement flooring

You can convert the basement in your home into a dream space that could be a gym, a family room, ...

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tinted mirror decoration (2)

Add a fine touch to your home with tinted mirror decoration

We want our homes to look the best. One of the most important aspects of the home is that your ...

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ideal mudroom (3)

Tips that will help you make an ideal mudroom

Mudroom in homes serves as a barrier between indoors and outdoors, thus, helping to keep homes clean and tidy. However, ...

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awesome wall accents (4)

Handy tips that get you awesome wall accents for your home

The accent wall is one of the best ways to create an impactful room. They definitely add more substance to ...

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dream of fireplace (7)

Here’s why your dream of a fireplace in the home is a good idea

You do not have a fireplace yet but you are somewhat planning to have one soon. Then what is it ...

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NewspaperWood (1)

Cabinets made out of an innovative material: NewspaperWood

The design of these amazing cabinets will capture your heart. Made from non-traditional material, NewspaperWood the cabinets flaunt colorful combinations ...

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Sam Linders’ Wobble Up (3)

Sam Linders’ Wobble Up presents 3D shapes to become wobbling sitting spots

Showcased in the Dutch Design Week this year, the Wobble Up is a unique concept by design graduate Sam Linders. ...

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Rocking chair by J. Rusten (2)

This Modern Rocking chair by J. Rusten will last you a lifetime

The Modern Rocking chair designed by Jared Rustenis an exemplarypiece of furniture. The chair is crafted to last a lifetime ...

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Pony stools  (2)

Pony stools present ergonomic design to encourage healthy sitting posture

Korean furniture designer,Sang AChoi designed stools using reclaimed climbing rope and metal pipes. These are stylish, lightweight, aesthetically appealing and ...

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Estampille 52 creates a Spiral wooden chair to twirl your imagination

This spiral wooden chair by Estampille52 guarantees admiration by anyone who happens to confront it. The chair surely is an ...

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Pandora versatile sofa (1)

Pandora versatile sofa creates additional space in small studios

Unlike the name of the sofa, you would get pleasant surprises after un-boxing the piece of furniture.The number of elements ...

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Smart ideas to use technology to de clutter your home

Technology is there to make our lives happy and convenient. However, we cannot deny the fact that technology at times ...

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