coffee tables lanterns

Coffee Table Designing Tips for Modern Homes

Coffee table is an integral part of modern homes that simply makes or mars the décor of any living area. ...

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HAN’s Designs’ Multipurpose Dining Table

Flexible and Highly Useful Dining Tables for Compact Homes

The world had transformed into a shrunken global village due to highly advanced technologies and ever-growing population. As a result, ...

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Storage ideas that give a better shape to your bathroom_1

Storage ideas that give a better shape to your bathroom

Be it a small or a big bathroom, both need effective storage ideas so that every bit of space is ...

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DIY Pallet Shelves _3

Easy items you could DIY using wood

It is always fun to bring your creativity to play and spare out some time to make crafts, which can ...

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Storage Bed

Smart storage ideas to keep your home clutter free

Humans have the tendency to collect things and amenities much more than they require. It surely gives them a sense ...

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Malaro Outdoor Dinning Set

Beautifully designed stylish furniture for your patio

  Our homes are the only place where we can relax and spend time with our families. As homeowners, we ...

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Things to consider in designing a banquette area

Banquette area has to be a spot in a home that is extremely comfortable and flexible. Whether placed in a ...

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3D Letter cubicles add creativity to the office space

Office interior themes are going contemporary and unique these days. Every element of the interior is taken into consideration and ...

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Home Decor

kitchen cabinets Designed by Toyo

Tips on Modular Kitchen Design and Materials

Unlike older times, kitchens have now become the center of attraction of a house. And this has become possible with ...

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Ladder Book Shelf

Ideas and concepts for stunning shelves for your home

  Shelves play great roles in keeping your home organized. They help minimize clutter by allowing you to store everything ...

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Floor Plan

Tips that can help you choose the right flooring plan for your home

  If you have a say in the construction of your home, then you would be at the liberty to ...

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Kitchen Island

Increase the Usage of Kitchen by making it Modular

In older times, the kitchen remained an integral part of the house, but it was often towards the interiors of ...

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Decorating your home with a cultural style

  Culture is an integral part of our lives. It represents our culture. Home and cultures when combined creates wonders ...

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hanging glass mirror on your wall

Stylishly decorating the walls of your home with glass

  Everyone wants his or her home the best. From bedroom to kitchen, everything needs to be perfect. Decorating walls ...

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Waking Up Naturally With Window Treatments

Over the years we’ve seen some truly weird and wonderful inventions when it comes to alarms. We’ve seen the traditional ...

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bathroom remodel_1

Choosing the Best Vessel Sink For Your Bathroom

Bathrooms are important. While the concept is very utilitarian, their function requires a lot of features that are more than ...

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Home Appliances


Choose the right large appliance just right for your lifestyle

Any appliance, be it for kitchen or for home in general, should be selected on the basis of its utility. ...

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Set your furnace to ‘comfortable’

  The importance of a furnace dawns only when winter approaches. During those harsh winter months, a furnace is the ...

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Highly functional yet stylish home gadgets

We own several gadgets, some of them we own because we desperately require their presence in our lives, while some ...

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Multitasking breakfast appliances

Mornings can be immensely stressful, when everybody is in a tremendous rush, getting ready for their routines, with little time ...

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What You Need to Know to Live Off the Water Grid

Now that you’re off the grid due to wind and sun power, it’s time to think about getting yourself off ...

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Understanding the Significance of Contractor’s Insurance for Homeowners

Looking to get some serious work done on your home? Though there are DIY kits, guides, and tutorials on how ...

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Home Exteriors

Things to consider when choosing patio furniture

The right choice of furniture can turn your bare or boring looking patio into a totally relaxing or fun place ...

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Painting ideas

Paintings are an element that is perhaps one of the most transformative in nature. Transformative in that you take a ...

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Off Beat

Rooftop garden dining

Ideas for that perfect rooftop garden you always wanted

  Most of us would love to have a garden in our homes. However, space constraints can force us to ...

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reading corner

Décor ideas to add more charm and substance to your study

  The study is one of the more personal rooms in the house that would need to reflect an individual’s ...

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lady in kitchen

Tips that can help convert your own kitchen to a modern one efficiently

  There is no need to opt for a complete overhaul when you plan to replace your old kitchen with ...

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Harman Kardon GLA 55 Glass Speakers

Innovative audio design concepts that add a beat to your home

  The earlier home theater systems were all about showing out those gigantic speakers and woofers. The more modern audio ...

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