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Ribbon LED desk lamp is shaped like a snake

Ribbon LED desk lamp by Lumen Center Italia

Designed by Alberto Fraser for Lumen Center Italia, the Ribbon LED desk lamp is one unique lighting fixture, which has its design inspired from a snake.  The fully adjustable lamp enjoys a minimalist, flowing make and would make for a great centerpiece. Apart from the good looks, the Ribbon LED desk lamp can be moved in any possible direction to direct the light beam to suit your work conditions. Sure to complement your interior design, the table light features a flexible structure in transparent PVC and has polycarbonate housing.

The Ribbon LED desk lamp, measuring 65cm in width and 85sm in height, comes with a touch control dimmer that lets you adjust the intensity of light. Available in glossy black and glossy white, the minimalist and striking snake-like Ribbon LED desk lamp is priced at €415.

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