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Refurbish Or Redesign: Tips To Enhance Your Establishment



The world of hospitality and leisure is one where appearance can do wonders for business. It is undoubtedly one of the most important factors when it comes to getting customers through your door. People subconsciously take into account the aesthetics of a bar, a hotel, a restaurant, café judging everything from interior design to furniture to lighting.

So it’s integral that, when it comes to your establishment, whatever your service, you are turning your customers heads for the right reasons. Psychology and perception allow you to create an aura that is intriguing and inviting to passers-by. At the end of the day, you don’t just want to offer a service; you want to create an experience that will leave a lasting impression.

Create An Interest

It’s no surprise then that hospitality venues often undergo renovations in their design over the years. Whether you are continuing to expand your brand, or are undertaking new ownership, the design and layout is often the first thought.

Whilst you may have your own ideas, calling in the professionals will ensure that your facility is practical, efficient and reflects your business. An experienced and specialist furniture specialist will be able to direct you not only on suitable commercial furniture options, but assist and advise on all aspects of your redesign or refurbishment.

When it comes to design and layout, its subjectivity can often leave you trying to accommodate for a variety of tastes. So is it best to go for a completely new refurbishment, or simply redesign your venue?


A refurbishment tends to consist of a complete renovation of your premises, changing the interior to take on new shapes, new colours, a new persona in fact. Encompassing layout, flooring, lighting, seating and functionality, this can be perfect if you are looking to create a unique and exclusive venue. What’s more, furniture can often be custom designed to fit in with your new image and can range from the simple to the luxurious.


Redesign is a much simpler, yet equally effective way of creating a new look for your establishment. Something as simple as adding new, stylish and comfortable seating and dining areas will transform any interior. In the summer months, you can even look to create an outdoor seating area that offering even more to your customer’s experience combining durable, comfortable and practical solutions.

And The Winner Is…

The real conclusion is that depending on your business stature, your service and your finances; the decision comes down to your vision.

Full scale refurbishments can be revitalising and pivotal to achieve success, but they are costly and can take time to be implemented. A simple redesign acts as a resourceful and cost effective solution, whilst creating a stylish new look.

In today’s economic climate, these are the decisions facing many hospitality and leisure venues throughout the UK. Whether you’re looking to increase business, expand your market or simply revitalise, make sure you look at all the options in front of you.

Phil Warrington writes on the debate between redesign and refurbishment in the commercial world, discussing how it can enhance your business. He recommends Eclipse Furniture; trusted and reputable commercial furniture suppliers to the hospitality and leisure industries.   

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