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Augment the beauty of a room with ottomans



Ottomans are in great demand these days. One of the most amazing aspects of this bench or seat is its variegated uses. Today these are available in different shape, wood and fabric combination one can possibly imagine. No wonder these have become decorators’ preference. This versatile and wonderful furniture are available for every budget, every house and every size preference.

Decorating is all about using an imagination that will add both function and beauty to a room. An ottoman can be transformed easily from a footrest to an additional seating for social gatherings and parties. Along with being an extra visual layer, ottomans are extremely comfortable and functional add-ons for one’s den. Ottomans are stylish, cute, multipurpose and functional. Five of the best uses of ottomans include:

A storage container:

Ottomans act as handy storage containers. Simply opening the lid, one can place small household items such as books, magazines and newspapers for getting rid of clutter within the family room along with keeping for future reading.

Additional space seating:

Be it workspace or an apartment, an ottoman is utilized as an additional spacious seating. These provide the option for sharing seating amid two rooms including the kitchen, living room, sitting area and bedroom.

Coffee tables:

An ottoman serves as a useful and stylish coffee table. It is a suitable place for putting the tray of snacks and foods, plates, glasses and cups and each of which is within easy reach. Using an ottoman like a coffee table serves both as stylish and practical furniture especially for those who live in cramped apartments having limited space.

Children friendly:

An ottoman made of kid friendly fabrics can be used for children for playing on top of. Larger ottomans are also utilized for board games as well as playing with kids devoid of disturbing the communal area or main dining table in the home.

A showpiece:

Ottomans in the present era have become the centre of attraction of the room. Right from rich fabrics and textiles to tufted fabrics, an ottoman can give a casual look to a rustic room along with a lush and extravagance to an affluent setting.


Ottomans are wonderful and versatile furniture that can complement the look of any room in the house. These are extremely functional, practical and above all ensure comfort.

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