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High tech luxury coffee tables

Most luxurious high tech coffee tables

Without doubt, a coffee table is the centerpiece of any living room and we have seen some of the most beautiful and amazing coffee tables in the past, including the levitating coffee tables. For geeky homes, there seems nothing better than a high tech luxury coffee table that screams nerdiness combined with luxury. A high tech luxury coffee table looks to be the perfect way for a geek to start his day. There are a number of high tech coffee tables available in the market that would look just perfect inside any contemporary home. Here we have listed some of the most luxurious and geeky coffee tables you might want to consider for your living room.

1. Mozayo multitouch coffee table

Combining state-of-the-art technology with stunning aesthetics, the Mozayo Interactive Multitouch Table comes in two variants, the Premium Series M32 and the Professional Series M42-Pro. The Mozayo M32 Premium Series boasts a 32-inch Liquid Crystal Display screen, Intel i5 Quad Core Processor, Bluetooth, Wi-Fi and Windows 7 Premium. On the other hand,  the high end  M42 Professional Series comes with a 42-inch Liquid Crystal Display, Intel i7 Quad Core Processor, Windows 7 Professional. Bothe the coffee tables feature Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, USB, Mic-in, Ethernet and Audio-Out ports. The IR Touch technology makes for a responsive and intuitive multi touch experience.

2. Ideum MT55 Pro Multitouch Table

Here is yet another luxurious high tech coffee table that is sure to spark conversations. The Ideum MT55 Pro Multitouch Table comes equipped with a 55-inch HD touchscreen, 32 touch points, and an integrated Bose audio system to enhance the interactions. Other features include a 2.93GHz quad-core i7 CPU, and annVidia Quadro 600 video 3D card, and WiFi, Bluetooth and Ethernet for connectivity. The Ideum MT55 is available in a range of colors. While it’s designed primarily for commercial spaces, it would look equally enticing in residential spaces.

3. Surface Tension Arcane coffee table

A great addition to the connected homes, the Surface-Tension Arcane game coffee table comes with a 26-inch LCD screen with wide viewing angle, HDMI output, USB ports, Ethernet, built-in sound system, Sanwa arcade buttons and joysticks, Happ illuminated trackball and spinner. The PC specifications can be custom ordered to your requirements. While the standard finish is walnut and oak, you can opt for any timber or mix of timbers. The retro styled coffee table boasts MAME compatible retro-gaming platform and is sure to captivate any gamer.

4. Samsung SUR40 with Microsoft PixelSense

A CES Best of Innovations 2012 award winner and the upshot of Samsung-Microsoft collaboration, the Samsung SUR40 is a high tech 40-inch Full HD touch table that enhances interactions. The multitouch table enjoys a 4-inches thin profile and flaunts Microsoft Surface 2.0 software and touch technology. You can share, explore and collaborate on this high end table. The table detects fingers, hands and any other object placed on it Gorilla protection glass top. There are WiFi (802.11.n), Bluetooth and Ethernet connections to connect to range of devices. Pricing for the Samsung SUR40 for Microsoft Surface in U.S. starts at $8,400. It would serve as one ultimate coffee table for the serious geeks.

5. Acoustable

Designed by Jérôme Spriet and Wolfgang Bregentzer, the Acoustable combines a coffee table and a sound system in one unit. Hidden under the coffee table frame is a Teac sound system to enthrall the audiophiles. The built-in USB adapters can be used to connect to smartphones, laptops and your iPod/iPhone. There is a pocket that stores the player and the remote. All other technical components have been concealed beautifully to add to the looks of the Acoustable coffee table.

6. Home Disco

Now, How about a coffee table that doubles as a one-person dancing floor? Featuring speakers, an iPod dock, a Haze machine, LEDs and lasers, the “Home Disco” by London-based designer Moritz Waldemeyer could be used as an elegant coffee table during the day and a dancing platform by the evening to practice your dancing skills amidst smokes and lasers.

 7. Retro-Tech Platinum coffee table

This beautiful, retro-styled, handcrafted computer table from the house of Retro-Tech is a cool way to start conversations. The Retro-Tech Platinum coffee table features a 22-inch LCD monitor, Windows PC, wireless keyboard and touchpad. The multimedia coffee table connects to flatscreen TVs and internet.

8. Touchscape Multi-Touch coffee table

Enjoy the touchscreen fun at its best with the Touchscape Multi-Touch coffee table. The high tech coffee table flaunts a 47-inch LCD, 1920 x 1080 full HD resolution that gets its juice from a quad core processor. The patented MT technology lets the table detect as many touches as possible on the screen. The Touchscape Multi-Touch coffee table does seem a great way to start your geeky day while sipping your favorite coffee.

9. Savant’s ROSIE coffee table

Developed by Savant Systems LLC, the ROSIE coffee table is both a home automation controller and a multimedia table. The Apple-based coffee table has a 40-inch HD LCD touchscreen, an Intel processor, 500GB of internal storage and 2GB – 4GB of RAM. The ROSIE Coffee Table can connect to digital cameras, IP network cameras, business card readers and other digital devices.

10. PQ Labs iTable

This is one of the smartest and most beautiful high tech coffee tables I’ve seen ever. The iTable by PQ Labs can detect up to 32 simultaneous touch points and comes in a range of sizes, from 22-inch version to the 65-inch model and beyond.  Your iPhone, Windows Mobile or Android phone synchronizes with the iTable the moment you place it on the screen. The 1.5in thick iTable is sure to enthrall every geek with its sleek design and interactive capabilities.

11. Illuminating Coffee Table

If you do not need too much of high tech features, but want your coffee table to glow in style, you can go for the Illuminating Coffee Table from the house of Suck UK. Made from stainless steel and toughened glass, the coffee table enjoys an independently controlled illuminating tabletop and down light. You can choose your own hues with interchangeable filters or opt for the graphics. Yours for £2000.

12. Wave LED coffee table

The interactive Wave LED coffee table responds to the users’ movements and features a thick glass or plastic on top. Its 32 near-infrared sensors detect any motion above the table and answers it with light and color from 480 LEDs. Each interactive coffee table is custom made and the pricing starts at around $2,500.

13. RGB LED Color Table

If you love playing with colors, the cool RGB LED Color Table created by Edo from germany will surely interest you. Arduino microcontrollers control this colorful coffee table. Edo says that there is one 5mm RGB LED in each of the 64 sections of the table.

14. Kloss DeLighTable coffee table

It would be all fun to play with the DeLighTable touch sensitive coffee table by Kloss. Resembling the Microsoft Surface, the DeLighTable has a pressure-sensitive screen that glows up when you touch the surface. The waterproof table is just 2cm think. You will love watching your glasses being illuminated from beneath on the Kloss DeLighTable coffee table.

15. Kyle Buckner Designs iTable

This coffee table is one huge iPhone. The fully handcrafted, motorized iTable lets the users swipe their hands across the touch sensitive controls to listen to the high quality sound. One more swipe and the music stops. The iTable by Kyle Buckner Designs features a motorized sound bar with 8 high-end transducer speakers. Moreover, it also integrates a 6″ down-firing subwoofer to deliver the best sound quality. The four laser engraved controls on the front include LED on/off, Volume up & Down, and the motorization control.

16. Nintendo NES controller coffee table

If you happen to be a hardcore Nintendo fan, this could be the best coffee table. Made from maple, mahogany and walnut, this coffee table is a fully functional Nintendo NES controller and after removing the glass, you can play games. USB and Nintendo Wii models are also available.

  • Worth mention: Binary Table 01 by BRC Designs

The geeky Binary Table 01 by BRC Designs follows the Three R’s principle and makes for a great addition to any geeky living room. To create this one-of-a-kind table, BRC Designs took motherboards, computer chips, LED screens and hard drive disks from an abandoned warehouse. This table doesn’t glow or features some touch technology, but it does interact in a unique way.

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