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Perlick brings Refrigerated Beauty Drawers to bathrooms

Perlick Refrigerated Beauty Drawers

Perlick Corporation has been making innovative bar equipment, custom refrigeration equipment and beer system packages for commercial spaces and stylish refrigerated cabinets for residential spaces for years now. Founded in Milwaukee, Wisconsin in 1917, the renowned firm has now turned its attention to bathrooms, one of the most important spaces inside your home. The lasts from the house are the Refrigerated Beauty Drawers, which have been designed for use in master bathroom. For those bathrooms lacking medicine cabinets for storage, the 15-inch drawers offer a safe solution for storing organic and environmentally friendly personal care items like medicines, lotions, makeup and hair products, which need proper preservatives and refrigeration to maintain a good shelf life.

Each Refrigerated Beauty Drawer is made to order and can be integrated neatly into your existing bathroom cabinetry in range of wood finishes. The drawer features 700-Btu compressor and the Perlick’s RAPIDcool technology. The pricing for innovative Refrigerated Beauty Drawer by Perlick starts at $3,000.

Via: LuxuryLaunches/RobbReport

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