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Bye Bye Wind furniture set fights the action of wind

Garden Unique Bye Bye Wind-furniture

It’s never easy to dine outdoors when the wind is blowing and you are using plastic plates or plastic glasses. The presence of wind makes it difficult for the diners to keep the paper or plastic cutlery in place. Designed by Marco Marotto and Paola Oliva, the “Bye Bye Wind” furniture set addresses the same problem by fighting against the action of wind. The set includes a table and four chairs, which allows you to use plastic plates/glasses without the worry of them being flown away with a sudden gush of wind.

The simple grooves in the table block paper or plastic plates and glasses when they are empty. At the centre of table is a hidden compartment for crushing bottles. The chairs feature a container in their back, which could be used to store your personal stuff. The cover of the table enjoys a fluid form and the four grooves on the corners of the table can be used to store spices, foods and tools. The “Garden Unique – Bye Bye Wind” furniture set seems perfect for garden dining.

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