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Finnish-inspired sculptural chairs made from recycled milk jugs

Taavi and Gladys chair

Designed by AIA award-winning architect David Salmela and manufactured by Loll Designs, the Taavi and Gladys are two sculptural chairs that have been made from recycled milk jugs. While Taavi is a low profile lounge, the Gladys is a little taller and comes with a vertical headrest. Both the chairs flaunt same style and are designed for outdoor settings. The chairs are sustainable, minimalist and boast replaceable parts. The Taavi ($480) and Gladys ($680) are made from 256 and 328 recycled milk jugs respectively. David Salmela, currently based in Duluth, Minnesota has also designed the office for Loll Designs’ manufacturing facility in 2005.

Via: Evolvo

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