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Playful Chess and Screw Top stools by Anna Karlin

Anna Karlin Chess Stools

New York based designer Anna Karlin has lately showcased her furniture collection at 5 Beekman St., one of the previously abandoned buildings in New York. Two of the highlights from her furniture line include the Chess Stools and the Screw Top stools. Inspired by the chess pieces, the Chess Stools are made with brass plated cold rolled hollow steel, and can be used as stools or end tables. On the other hand, the height adjustable Screw Top stools have been made with solid ash with a hand tooled screw spindle. The tops of the stools come finished with inlaid brass.

Both the Chess Stools and the Screw Top stools are designed to work in series or alone. Anna Karlin aims to combine fine American craftsmanship with modern production techniques with her unique furniture pieces and fine objects.

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