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Transparent Cocoon 1 lets you relax, work and what not!

Cocoon 1 by Micasa Lab_08

Designed for both indoor and outdoor use, the “Cocoon 1” from the house of Micasa Lab offers a new kind of retreat for relaxation, comfort and pleasure. With the Cocoon 1, you can spend some secluded moments in a cozy setting and since it’s transparent, you can enjoy the world outside at the same time. You can use the Cocoon 1 for napping, working, cooking or as a storage space, and the best part is that it can even be used in water. With a diameter of 180 cm, the Cocoon 1 makes for perfect, relaxing room within a room. The Cocoon 1 can be placed on the floor or hung from the ceiling with different fastening systems.

The Cocoon 1 is an ongoing project and the possibilities of relaxation features are limitless. You can charge your gadgets inside, work on your laptop over Wi-Fi or cook something nice outdoors. Cocoon 1 features three basic modules: a base (Foundation 360) and two pillows elements (Pillow 90). Here are different modules that can be combined with the basic equipment to suit your liking and needs.

Cheers! Micasa Lab

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