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Bubbler-style Fountain with LED lighting, touch sensitive controls

Fountain basin

Designed by Beck Selmes, the Fountain basin offers a new spin on the design and functioning of a washbasin. Inspired by a drinking bubbler, the Fountain Basin has a shape reminiscent of the bubble bowl used by kids to drink water. The round shaped basin glows when you bring you hands inside to wash them. The Fountain basin sits elegantly on a walnut bench and there is push to open cabinet for toiletries. The integrated sensor turns on the bubbler-styled water flow and the entire basin bowl illuminates as a vanity light.

When the user removes his/her hands, the water stops flowing automatically while the LED light keeps glowing for three minutes to double as a mirror light. Moreover, there is a touch sensitive strip inside the Fountain basin, which lets you regulate the temperature and indicates the same with a small LED. The stylish design of the basin, along with the user-friendly features, adds to the overall experience.

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