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LEM inspired Moonland table pays tribute to Neil Armstrong

Moonland coffee table

Moonland coffee table

Showcased at the Design Market area of Abitare il Tempo, Verona 2012, the Moonland by Marco Guazzini is a small coffee table that pays tribute to Neil Armstrong. Inspired by the Lunar Excursion Module (LEM) he landed on the Moon, this coffee table features six tubular legs that been screwed to a steel ring. The Moonland coffee table has a metal sheet semi sphere that serves as a container for your stuff. It has a lacquered MDF tabletop. The container, inspired by the way LEM leaves the Earth leaving behind the remaining platform, can be detached according to your needs to use the Moonland as another small coffee table.

Moonland coffee table 1

Moonland coffee table 2

Moonland coffee table 3

Moonland coffee table 4

Moonland coffee table 5

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