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CES 2013: LG announces HOM-BOT Square robotic vacuum cleaner

LG HOM-BOT Square vacuum cleaner

LG HOM-BOT Square vacuum cleaner

Hardly a day after Samsung announced its new robotic vacuum cleaner Smart Tango Corner Clean robotic vacuum cleaner, LG Electronics has taken wraps off its new square-shaped autonomous vacuum cleaner for CES 2013 (January 8-11) in Las Vegas. The LG HOM-BOT Square line of vacuum cleaners will exhibit their amazing maneuverability with a stunning dance routine at select times during the show. the HOM-BOT SQUARE comes with newly designed Corner Master for enhanced cleaning. The Corner Master features two long brushes, Corner Detecting Sensors and a novel shape in order to access the corners and other difficult places that are usually out of the reach for the regular vacuum cleaners.

The ultrasonic and infrared sensors detect any obstacles within a 180-degrees field in the way during the cleaning process. The HOM-BOT Square’s Dual Eye 2.0 cameras scan and map rooms precisely even in the absence of light. Other features include a larger capacity Easy-out Dust Bin, an upgraded HEPA 11 filter, Voice Guidance with over 90 voice alerts and Smart Diagnosis that troubleshoots problems with ease.

HOM-BOT Square

LG HOM-BOT Square vacuum

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