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EFG Gaia: A modular workspace you can customize to your needs

EFG Gaia modular workspace

EFG Gaia modular workspace

At last year’s Stockholm Furniture Fair, EFG (European Furniture Group) presented a unique concept in personal workspace designed according to the ‘Cradle to Cradle’ principles. Designed in a sustainable manner, along with a focus on single material parts with different life cycles, EFG Gaia is targeted at creative people and can be adapted according to the needs and taste. The interior of the EFG Gaia workspace can be replaced with other modules, which completely changes the function of the furniture. You can replace the seat with a bench or the shelf with a lamp. The fabric on the outside can be pulled off and replaced with other colors and patterns to customize the workspace to your liking.

Done by five postgraduate Industrial Design Engineering students at Chalmers, the modular EFG Gaia workspace presents a system in which there is no space for waste, as the materials can be upcycled rather than downcycled. The workspace has been designed for use in spaces with minimal work areas with an aim to enhance mobility. The wheel-like structure acts as a mounting platform for a wide range of furniture pieces, and one can customize it to serve as a place for privacy, a space for meetings or an open area for presentations.

Three prototypes of EFG Gaia were presented in 2012 at the Stockholm Furniture & Light Fair and at the Clerkenwell Design Week in London.

EFG Gaia personal workspace 1

EFG Gaia personal workspace

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