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CES 2013: Samsung announces high-efficiency WA50F top load washer

Samsung WA50F top-load washer

Samsung WA50F top-load washer

Samsung is busy rolling out its new product lineup at the Consumer Electronics Show (CES) 2013. The America’s fastest growing home appliance brand unveiled the new WA50F, a high-efficiency top-load washer that combines an industry-leading 5.0 cu. ft. capacity with better wash performance and quality design. The washing machine lets users wash up to 36 towels in a single load. The new Samsung WA50F boasts AquaJet cleaning technology that uses water jets in a waterfall motion to penetrate dirty clothes, and gently wash and rinse big loads of your laundry.

Apart from the large capacity, amazing performance and Smart Care technology, the Samsung WA50F features an elegant design with sexy details like chrome accents, a curved glass lid and touch buttons. The Samsung WA50F high-efficiency top-load washer will be made available in spring 2013, with pricing starting $1,099.

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