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CES 2013: iSmart Alarm lets you protect your home with an iPhone

iSmart Alarm home security system

iSmart Alarm home security system

For those who are always concerned about their home security, Silicon Valley based iSmart Alarm has unveiled a new alarm system at the CES 2013, which works with iPhone to take care of your home security. Offering a modern spin on traditional security systems, the iSmart Alarm system lets iPhone users arm, monitor and disarm their security systems anytime and anywhere in real time, thanks to the iCamera video and picture alert and notifications. Easy to set up, the wireless and portable alarm system lets you monitor your house in real time and help you make the right decisions.

All you need to do is to plug in the CubeOne into an electrical outlet and connect to an internet router. After that, you need to attach the wireless window sensors, door sensors, motion detectors and cameras in the areas of your home you would want to monitor. In case, the alarm notices any suspicious activity, it calls up the user immediately and automatically takes five pictures from different angles, and transfers them to the user’s iPhone.

Moreover, the iSmartAlarm, being an open platform, lets you perform a number of household tasks like switching lights on and off, controlling room temperature remotely, checking smoke and water leaks and tracking your pets.

iSmart Alarm security system

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