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TEAM 7 Flaye table extends by 100cm within seconds

TEAM 7 Flaye table 6

TEAM 7 Flaye table 6

Winner of the Interior Innovation Award Winner 2013, the Flaye table from the house of TEAM 7, renowned manufacturer of natural wood furniture, extends by 100 cm in one single movement. A great solution to serve your extra guests, the Flaye table uses non-stop synchronized pullout technology to extend to make space for four additional seats within seconds. The clear curves on the edges of the Flaye table express the beauty of the natural wood and deliberately highlight the core of the highly warp-resistant three-layer panels.

The beautiful frame below the tabletop is available in wood or leather and there is the choice of 23 different shades of leather to match your existing décor. TEAM 7 makes furniture exclusively from native hardwoods grown in sustainably managed forests.

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