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Hidden Chairs reinterpret classic designs through optical illusion

Hidden Chairs by IBride

Hidden Chairs by IBride

These chairs are something you do not get to see every day. The Hidden Chairs collection by French design studio Ibride create a beautiful, intriguing optical illusion that will definitely blow your mind. These chairs look irregular and warped, but when you see them from a specific angle, their shape reminds us of the classic designs. What you see might not be the right way to sit on these chairs. The Hidden Chairs line includes three beech plywood chairs that follow three historical designs.

The Hidden Shaker, the Hidden Terence and the Hidden Wagner are inspired by austere furniture of the Shaker religious movement, Ming dynasty Chinese armchair with a horseshoe-shaped back and 19th century Viennese architect Otto Wagner’s furniture. The team at Ibride includes graphic designer Rachel Convers, designer Benoît Convers and editor Carine Jannin.

Check out the video below to see the sweet optical illusion for yourself.

Via: Gizmodo/Dezeen

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