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PushTap lets you turn the power on and off easily and quickly

PushTap multiple-socket power board

PushTap multiple-socket power board

Designed by Choi Moonjeong and Lee Sujin with an aim to ease and expedite the process of turning the power on and off, the PushTap is a multiple-socket power board that combines the a regular socket and a switch into one unit. When the user inserts the plug into the board, the PushTap is activated and when the plug is taken out, the socket switches off. However, the thing that makes PushTap stand apart is the fact that you can turn the power on and off even when the plug is still in the socket. All you need to do is to press the plug.

The process of pressing the plug is similar to that of a person using the sliding tab on a retractable ballpoint pen. Moreover, the raised socket design makes for easy alignment of the plug pins with the holes.

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