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Empirique lamp by Applymage has dedicated space for your books and other items

Applymage Empirique

Applymage Empirique

Lyon-based Applymage has already impressed us with the 100 Bulles table made with champagne bottle capsules. Yet another interesting offering from their portfolio is the Empirique, which is both a desk lamp and a book holder. The Empirique lamp/magazine rack enjoys a transparent design with a single piece base that adds to its overall aesthetics and sturdiness. The upper fold of the colorless recyclable ‘crystal’ acrylic glass base has been designed to serve both as a magazine holder and bookmark. The rear can be used for holding photos, business cards, invitations or any commercial documentation.

The base is adjustable at the bottom, so the users can open the arch to their preferences. The silver PVC lampshade flaunts an inviting mirror effect and diffuses light both directly and indirectly to create a soothing ambiance. The free-flowing electrical cord represents the freedom of movement in contrast to the rectilinear base structure. Boasting a striking design with a range of functionality, the Empirique complements both the modern and traditional décor, and one can use it as a reading lamp, desk lamp, a books holder or simply as a decorative item. The Applymage Empirique sells for €249.

Applymage Empirique desk lamp

Applymage Empirique lamp and magazine rack

Applymage Empirique lamp magazine rack

Applymage Empirique lamp

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