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Could you ask for anything better than the flix Live Moving Kitchen?

Moving Kitchen by flix Live

Moving Kitchen by flix Live

Outdoor cooking is fun and “flix GmbH” intends to make it easy for you with its new offering – the Moving Kitchen. Introduced at this year’s IMM Cologne, the flix Live – Moving Kitchen can be taken out and used anywhere, be it your terrace or the roof garden. Designed with the help of skilled chefs and gastronomy professionals, the flix Moving Kitchen is compact and meets all your outdoor cooking needs. The slender table features fold-out, multifunctional wings at three of its four sides to turn it into a powerful kitchen, a show kitchen, a BBQ station or a neat buffet.

Some of the salient features of the flix Live moving kitchen include lighting, scales, spice station, knife drawer, knife block, cutlery holder, cabinet, tool holder and the oil & vinegar station. Made of precious and highly robust hardwood multiplex, the flix Live Moving Kitchen is available in white and brown, with the option to choose from a range of colors for the drawers. With the help of remote control, you can choose your favorite colour as per the occasion (say Red for BBQ or Green for Salad Buffet).

The lateral surface flaunts frosted acryl glass that highlights the beautiful colors of the integrated LED lighting. For the table legs, they have used brush-finished stainless steel. The scope of delivery includes color controlled lighting, chopping board with 6 integrated boxes and lids, scales with clock and timer, spice station with 12 stainless steel jar pots, clip-on cutlery holder, tool holder with 5 hooks, 4 x porcelain plate from Schönwald, professional charcoal grill or two burner electric stove.

What more could you ask for? The flix Live Moving Kitchen will set you back a cool €2,650 after the 5% prepayment discount.

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