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Bügel-Clou makes wrinkle free sleeve ironing a matter of seconds



Ironing sleeves of your clothes can be a time consuming business. To help make this tiring job a bit easy, Clou-Innovations has developed the Bügel-Clou, a sleeve ironing aid for shirt, T-shirt, pullover and blouse sleeves. The Bügel-Clou is a custom-made spring loaded wire that comes with a magnetic holder, so that it attaches easily to your ironing board. The Bügel-Clou fork, when inserted, stretches the sleeves for perfect ironing for wrinkle free sleeves in no time.

Moreover, you don’t even have to turn the sleeves, which preserves the garment fibers. The Bügel-Clou sleeve ironing aid is flexible and can be used for all sizes S-XXL. The idea was born following Christian Peitzner-Lloret’s dissatisfaction when ironing his shirts. He wanted to design something highly functional that could make the wrinkle free sleeve ironing simple and easy. The Bügel-Clou sells for about €25.95.

Bügel-Clou sleeve ironing aid

Bügel-Clou sleeve ironing

Bügel-Clou 1

Bügel-Clou sleeve iron

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