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Kumeko’s Snug Chair is a modern, better version of a beanbag

Snug by Kumeko

Snug by Kumeko

Offering a new spin on the design and usage of beanbags, Kumeko has designed the Snug Chair with an aim of creating a comfortable place for relaxing in. The Snug chair features a soft inner cushion surrounded by a sleeve, which makes a comfortable shell for the user. There is an integrated belt on the top of the sleeve, which lets users adjust Snug to adapt to their body in different positions. The Snug sleeve has been made from Jersey tubes that have been filled with polyurethane foam.

These Jersey tubes are woven into the 100 percent wool felt to create a 3D double-sided pattern. While the wool felt maintains the temperature inside the sleeve, the jersey tubes add to comfort. The Snug is available in three sizes – S, M and L for €416, €516 and €620 respectively. If you order Snug Chair by the end of February 2013, you will get a 35 percent discount.

Snug chair by Kumeko

Snug bean chair 2

Snug bean chair 3

Snug bean chair

Snug bean chair 1

Via: Inhabitat

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