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Epicureanist’s adjustable Trilux Wine Aerator for wine connoisseurs

Epicureanist Trilux Wine Aerator

Epicureanist Trilux Wine Aerator

Wines, especially the dry reds, need to breathe before drinking. Aerating the wines releases the aromas and exquisite flavors trapped in your wine. If you are looking for something cool to let your wine breathe before serving it to your guests, you might love to consider the adjustable Trilux Wine Aerator from the house of Epicureanist. The Trilux Wine Aerator features three aeration levels – high, medium and low – so that you can select the preferred amount of air to your wine.

All you need to do is to pour your wine into the large aerator bowl and enjoy the best your wine has to offer. The Trilux Wine Aerator has a slip-free grip, a stackable no-drip plate and a large bowl for easy aeration. It has been designed to sit atop wine glasses and decanters to let you pour wine with all the ease. The Epicureanist Trilux Wine Aerator is priced at $40.95.

Epicureanist Trilux Wine Aerator 2

Epicureanist Trilux Wine Aerator 1

Epicureanist Trilux Wine Aerator 3

Epicureanist Trilux Wine Aerator 4

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