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Limited edition Gi-Gi wall shelf by Numéro 111

Gi-Gi wall shef

Gi-Gi wall shef

When it comes to wall shelving units, there is a wide range of functional and fun designs available in the market. Minimalist in design, the Gi-Gi wall shelf by Numéro 111 comprises of two modules of wood of different species and finishing. The shelf uses only two wing nuts for the assembly of a block and a curved plane to make for an aerial mural sculpture. Part of the Tandem Series by Numéro 111, the 34 cm x 42 cm x 15 cm Gi-Gi wall shelf is limited to a run of 24 pieces and is being displayed at Galerie Gosserez.

The idea behind the Tandem collection was to explain how the combination of contrasting blocks could result into a harmonious whole.The same draws instant attention to the items placed on the top. Materials used are oak veneer and lacquered wood, and the colors available are Gray Blue, Blue Strésa, Yellow, Light Gray and Cement Gray. Numéro 111 team includes Sophie Françon, Jennifer Julien and Grégory Peyrache.

Gi-Gi wall shelf 1

Gi-Gi wall shelf 2

Gi-Gi wall shelf 3

Gi-Gi wall shelf 4

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