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Shio – Organic alien light sculptures for unusual decor

Shio Light Sculptures

If regular lighting fixtures don’t impress you much, these otherworldly lighting fixtures by Daniel MacDonald might interest you a bit. Shio is a line of organic alien mineral light sculptures that have been inspired by the designer’s adventures in Yellowstone National Park when he was a kid. Each light is handmade using recycled materials, and the concept lies in filling living crystal beings with light. The Shio collection includes three species of alien light sculptures – Chrysalis, Orbis and Occulus.

The Chrysalis is a small yet striking alien light fixture, and they will not provide any bracket for suspending the lamp or any other lighting hardware. You’ll have to make the light sconce on your own. The Orbis enjoys a unique design that lets it to be placed on a flat surface or suspended as a pendant. The Occulus is quite like the Orbis, but features irregular shapes and defining off-axis lines. The Orbis and Occulus come with a type A socket.

The eerie yet elegant Shio lighting sculptures are made from salt and are designed to last for a long time if kept indoors with proper care. Each Shio fixture is delivered with precise handling instructions for safety of these otherworldly lights.

Via: StudioShio/KickStarter

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