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DogiBag takes the stress out of traveling with your furry friends

DogiBag by Nicklas Ekstrand 6

DogiBag by Nicklas Ekstrand 6

Traveling with pets can be a challenging experience. In order to make the traveling experience less stressful for both the pets and their owners, industrial designer Nicklas Ekstrand has conceptualized DogiBag, a traveling cage for your small pets like dogs and cats. The sides on the DogiBag provide air to your little friends inside and the comfortable, concealed area blocks sunlight and sounds. The food and water bowl inside can be refilled easily from the outside via pipes. The transparent front of the DogiBag lets you and your pet inside see each other to offer a sense of security and togetherness.

When the front glass is removed, the cage becomes a daybed. The use of big back wheels ensures a smooth ride on pebbles and other rough surfaces. The concave shape makes offers more stability to help DogiBag stand upright. A simple unlock function lets you use the handle to drag the cart. Pull the cart up and the DogiBag doubles as a regular suitcase.

DogiBag by Nicklas Ekstrand 1

DogiBag by Nicklas Ekstrand 2

DogiBag by Nicklas Ekstrand 3

DogiBag by Nicklas Ekstrand 4

DogiBag by Nicklas Ekstrand 5

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