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Ergonomic Núno chair by Emilia Lucht adapts to different positions

Núno chair by Emilia Lucht

Núno chair by Emilia Lucht

The salient characteristics of a good seating unit are the ergonomics, comfort, durability and the choice of materials. Designed by Emilia Lucht, the Núno chair has been made considering the fact that the ergonomic seating comfort is achieved through the connection between movements and changes in body position. The centerpiece of the Núno chair features a flexible directional back made of felt, which allows for different positions. The chair has an adjustable backrest that supports and warms the lower back to improve your sitting posture.

A round central section that has been glued and laminated with two identically constructed chair legs accounts for stability. Both the front and back leg have been fixed at another angle to the seating surface. Made with timber and felt, the Núno chair comes in a range of modern colors and forms.

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