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WEWOOD – Portuguese Joinery presents CANCAN coat hanger

CANCAN coat hanger 2

CANCAN coat hanger 2

WEWOOD’s philosophy is to enhance the high-end joinery, the raw material (hardwood), the innovation and the Portuguese design in each produced piece. After the Silhouette lamp, WEWOOD – Portuguese Joinery has now unveiled the new CANCAN coat hanger, a new spin on the design of the traditional coat hanger. Designed by Gud Conspiracy product design studio, CANCAN flaunts a dual personality – its functional character and its aesthetic design.

The curves of the coat hanger aim to express the movements of the Parisian ‘cancan’ dance. The four identical pieces have been tied together with a single leather cord, which makes for a visual pattern evocative of the corsets used by the dancers. Traditionally ‘can-can’ dancers must be 1.70m height, and the coat hanger is about the same height. Materials used are solid French oak wood and cord leather.

CANCAN coat hanger 1

CANCAN coat hanger 3

CANCAN coat hanger 4

CANCAN coat hanger 5

CANCAN coat hanger

Thanks, Rafaela Carvalho

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