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Like seesaw, Pilu lamp switches between two different positions

Leoni Werle Pilu lamp

Leoni Werle Pilu lamp

Every now and then, we stumble across ingeniously designed lighting fixtures that offer a perfect blend of form and function, and the Pilu lamp is no exception. Created by German designer Leoni Werle, the Pilu lamp is able to switch between two different positions – upright and inclined – like a seesaw. The bell-shaped Pilu lamp comes with a V-shaped solid oak base, which helps it stand vertical or in a rock forward. In the inclined position, the powder-coated steel stem becomes angled.

The bar is connected to the bell-shaped spun aluminum shade with the help of a one-directional joint, which allows it to point down irrespective of the lamp’s position. The Pilu lamp is available in floor and table version, and was nominated for the [D3] Design Talents contest at IMM Cologne earlier this year.

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