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Helical Shelf System twists according to your storage needs

Helical Shelf System

Helical Shelf System

Based on the principle of helical elevation, the “Helical” by London-based designer Ed Rawle is a 3D printed shelf system that the user can adjust according to his/her storage needs. Made using triangular helixes, cogs, belts and shelves, the mechanical furniture moves shelves up and down, according to the size of objects, with the simultaneous movement of two helixes that are of different frequency.

As the helixes rotate, one shelf climbs up and the others move down, for they twist in opposite directions. Moving through helical components incorporated in the wooden shelves, the helixes feature same rotational frequency, though diverse heights, to ensure that shelves move to the full length of each helix. While the sculptural yet functional feet at the bottom support the rods and hold cogs and belt elegantly. Presenting a complex form, which is managed with a 3D printer, the Helical Shelf System is truly a unique piece of furniture for modern homes.

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