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When it comes to furniture, ideas are as endless as your imagination. Our Furniture section aims to introduce our readers to the latest and the best furniture designs available in the market.

bamboo cabinets 2

Improve the look of your home with bamboo cabinets

People today have more concern towards the protection of environment. Many people have started balancing boosting home value without harming the environment. While improving a house, it is important to pick a good material for your home that makes your home look great but without influencing Mother Nature.

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Eddie Bauer Chair and Half Rocker

Rocking chair concepts that would be fit to be a relaxing haven

  A rocking chair is a quintessential addition to any home, especially if there is an elder or a new born baby involved. These are the perfect places to cuddle up with your newborn as you feed, sing or read to him/her. While most households have the vintage rocking chair, newer concepts have started gaining more prominence among those who ...

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coffee tables lanterns

Coffee Table Designing Tips for Modern Homes

Coffee table is an integral part of modern homes that simply makes or mars the décor of any living area. If you find your coffee table increasingly cluttered, here are some fabulous design tips that can spruce up the coffee table and make it visually pleasing and functional at the same time.

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HAN’s Designs’ Multipurpose Dining Table

Flexible and Highly Useful Dining Tables for Compact Homes

The world had transformed into a shrunken global village due to highly advanced technologies and ever-growing population. As a result, there is hardly any space in cities and people are forced to live in small apartments, which at times become difficult for larger families. To make the best use of space in small houses, multipurpose furniture plays a very critical ...

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