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When it comes to furniture, ideas are as endless as your imagination. Our Furniture section aims to introduce our readers to the latest and the best furniture designs available in the market.

Innovative Electron flat-pack chair  2

Innovative Electron flat-pack chair by Konstantin Achkov

Designer Konstantin Achkov, who has worked with complex structures like ‘tensegrity, conceived and materialized a unique, compact flat-pack furniture unit – the Electron Chair. The present product was originally presented a few years ago as a prototype, which received enormous appreciation from designers and design magazines. So, the designer gained more confidence and worked further on the refinement of the ...

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Cozy Kino Modern Floor Sofa Chairs (1)

Cozy Kino Modern Floor Sofa Chairs with multiple functions

How often have you brought home a product only to find it rip off or break in a few days/months? There’ll be endless incidences of course! But how often has one of these products toggled your brain so much that you wanted to sit down and manufacture one that is far better and superior than the one that gave up ...

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Young Couple Moving Into New Home

4 Pointers for arranging furniture in your living space

Furniture is more than just functionality. Over the years, furniture units have evolved and turned into attractive design pieces that are proudly showed off by homeowners. Whether you’re inclined towards decorative interior design, DIY decor or artistic furnishings, furniture plays an important role to highlight and add more value to a particular space.

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Bring force to your home with sweet geeky furniture

Geeky furniture is awesome. They combine in them utility, fun and decorative elements and are necessarily playful items to surprise the guests who come to our house. They definitely do go beyond the usual to bring out the best of the geeky style. Here let us have a look at a few of these geeky pieces of creation-

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Lost in Sofa   1

Quirky furniture pieces so creative, they stand out from the usual

There are creative furniture pieces. And there are these! These furniture pieces will simply blow your mind with their quirky style. They will also serve as great sources of inspiration for creative furniture that can also turn out to be quite functional, even better than traditional furniture in some cases. Take a look at these 6 extremely creative furniture pieces ...

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Xcentric coffee table by Goci Bjelajac 2

Add shine and style to your décor with modular coffee tables

Multipurpose furniture is of best use in homes that are small. Modular coffee tables belong to this category of multipurpose furniture pieces. While not in use, they are compact and you can expand them as per your requirement, or changing their arrangement in any way to serve your purpose. They are the results of out of the box thinking capacities ...

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