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Our Home Appliances section aims to guide homeowners to choose the best appliances to meet their needs.

Rethinking The Radiator with a campfire concept 2

Home radiator concepts that present an exciting picture

  People today want to live in an efficient home with smarter facilities. The heating and cooling system of any house is important to deal with the changing temperatures. With the increasing demands of people to keep home efficient, different types of radiators keep on hitting the market. With latest technology and creativity of some people, we get an opportunity ...

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Set your furnace to ‘comfortable’

  The importance of a furnace dawns only when winter approaches. During those harsh winter months, a furnace is the only solace. It is unthinkable to be inside home without an efficiently functioning furnace. During summer months you may not switch on the furnace because heating wasn’t needed. It will be better if you keep the furnace ready for winter ...

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Highly functional yet stylish home gadgets

We own several gadgets, some of them we own because we desperately require their presence in our lives, while some we own because we fall in love with their appearance. While we are on the topic of gadgets used in homes, gone are the days when people used to lock their gadgets in cupboards because they were mainly workhorses low ...

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