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display art in your home (1)

6 Creative ways you can display art in your home

Inherited a whole lot of artwork from your great grandfather or grandmother and trying to find out a way to fit them into your home’s décor? Or just have a taste for everything artistic and want to decorate your home to reflect your same? Well, here are some tips that can help you display artwork in the most creative ways ...

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choosing paint for your home (6)

Mistakes to avoid when choosing paint for your home

You put color on your walls with the best of intentions but it turns out worst. You feel bad and start wondering, as to how could this happen, when you have used the high quality paints and you have put in many efforts to choose a color palette for your home décor. Well, this simply means that you unintentionally you ...

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bright home interiors (3)

Pitfalls to avoid when decorating your home

The world of interior decoration is huge and overwhelming. People do everything with a good intention and a positive mind but somehow some of the interior designing steps turn out to be interior designing disasters. Here are some of the most common decoration mistakes you must avoid:

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How to Keep Your Bath Towels Squeaky Clean

    Everyone loves a bath towel that is fluffy and smells fresh, but not everyone knows how to achieve this ideal. After all, if you are clean when you get out of the shower, how dirty can your towels be? After several days of use and perhaps not getting dry between showers, your bath towels can begin to get ...

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7 essential tips for small bathrooms with shower

    Small bathrooms with showers are a smart bet because unlike bathrooms with bath, they are more comfortable and functional, and allow you to save space. Most designs for small bathrooms have a shower; it is logical and very space efficient. Today we will focus on 7 essential tips for small bathrooms with walk in showers: 1. Showers with ...

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