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Innovative chairs with storage options

With space constraints a norm in every home these days, designers are trying to come up with newer ideas to design household items that can serve more than one purpose. Take these chairs for example. In addition to offering a comfortable seating option, these chairs can act as storage options and how!

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Coffee Table by Brigada

Brigada’s coffee table elegantly stores all your living room clutter

Coffee table in a living room is usually an occupied piece of furniture where all the family members lay their portable gadgets and keys, together with news papers, books and magazines, which usually mar the decor of your living area. Addressing the issue, Croatia-based design studio Brigada has come up with an artistic coffee table that not only perks up your interior ...

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DIY iPhone Coffee table

Yet another iPhone coffee table for Apple fanboys

This is not the first time we are looking at an iPhone coffee table. We have earlier seen the functional 58-inch iPhone Table and a stunning coffee table created by iLounge readers Tuan Nguyen, Ken Thomas and their associates. The one pictured above won’t let you browse the Apple store on its top, but it’s undoubtedly something iPhone lovers would ...

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Strand coffee table

Strand coffee table presents a unique blend of form and function

Home furniture should not only be ergonomic and graceful but also functional, so it could complement the growing needs of modern spaces, apart from decorating the home. Addressing the issue, designer Bernardo Bajana has developed an artistic coffee table dubbed the “Strand” that offers neat and elegant storage to remove all the clutter from the surface of the table. Inspired ...

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Neulant van Exel FloppyTable

Floppy Table hides your favored assets in a secret slot

Avid homemakers and gadget freaks, who want everything around them to be gizmo-inspired, now have enough reason to go bonkers over and appreciate the floppy disc-shaped table that hides their preferred possessions inside a metal shutter. Designed and created by a Berlin-based design duo Neulant van Exel, the Floppy Table is highly usable considering the fact that it never sacrifices ...

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Neo-Deco Coffee Table

Neo-Deco Coffee Table made using contrasting materials

Drawing inspiration from the art deco design, designer Louis Fry has come up with an artistic coffee table dubbed the “Neo-Deco” that combines contrasting materials to boost up your living area. Made using solid wood, the deco coffee table features the surface finished in curly maple with inlays of ebony and cocobolo to maintain an exclusive look and design.

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Twin Coffee Table_01

Twin Coffee Table stands elegantly on reclaimed wood base

Coffee tables lying in the middle of your living area instantly attract the attention of guests, visiting your place on a tea party or a small gathering, which make them an essential part of the home decor. Produced by Rotsen Furniture, the “Twin Coffee Table” is a modern glass top accent table that features the base finished in Vinhatico wood ...

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Manteiga Coffee Table

Manteiga Coffee Table looks more like a Rubik Cube

Amalgamating natural characteristics of the wood with graceful, modernist aesthetic, Rotsen Furniture has come up with a low table that can be used both as a cocktail and table. Dubbed as “Manteiga,” the coffee table assembles small pieces of cross-cut wood to illustrate minute details of the rich wood grains.

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