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5 cool bed designs

It is a much known fact that there are a lot of choices when it comes to finding beds for your bedroom. There are times when you are confused about which bed to choose and which one to refuse. Choosing the right bed is obviously important as it can enhance or ruin the look of the bedroom. The market is ...

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How to arrange your bedroom furniture perfectly

Bedroom is a place where you spend a large part of your time in your house. Your bedroom is a place you use to unwind and relax. Arrangement of furniture in bedroom is perhaps the easiest. Only point to remember is not to keep too many pieces of furniture here and clutter the room. Bedroom should be simple and cozy. ...

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Best lighting ideas for small kitchens

Kitchen is one of the most used and necessary place of any accommodation. Most rental flats and houses come with at least a small kitchenette. Small kitchens need proper lighting just like the big and spacious kitchens. The right lighting will not only make the kitchen a better place to work in but also make it easier for you to ...

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Essential things every guest room needs

Essential things every guest room needs

As the holiday season approaches, for many of us it means holiday visitors from out of town and many of us invite guests to stay at your place. Whatever the case may be, you always want your guests to feel at home.  Hosting guests calls for keeping the guest room organized so that your guests feel at home. Along with ...

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Handheld by  Jessica Harrison

These tiny furniture pieces by Jessica Harrison are disturbingly cool!

After the unusual Sentient Kitchen collection of kitchen accessories by New York-based artist Christine Chin, here we have a collection of tiny pieces of furniture by artist Jessica Harrison that is simply weird but impossible to ignore. Titled “Handheld”, the collection includes tiny furniture pieces that seem to be have been made from real human skin. However, here is the twist. ...

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TEEbooks, wall shelf_03

TEEbooks floating wall shelf stores all your mess elegantly

Looking to remove the clutter of your books, DVDs and CDs from your study table, the “TEEbooks” is a simple and light floating wall shelf that stores all your mess elegantly. Presenting a low profile structure, the levitating bookshelf offers a single solution to all your storage problems.  Users can either install the simple or double white glossy wood console ...

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DNA furniture Darwin table

Salone del Mobile: Tjep. to exhibit DNA-mapped furniture

Finding perfect furniture units for home that speak of your taste and personality can be an overwhelming task, considering the wide range available on the shelves these days. If you are looking for furniture pieces that truly define you, you need to head to Milan where Dutch design studio Tjep. will be presenting Future Nostalgia, an exhibition of DNA furniture ...

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Jang-Seung lamp

Jang-Seung lamp pays tribute to the traditional Korean totem poles

A Jangseung (also known as village guardian) is a traditional Korean totem pole that was placed at the village boundaries to frighten away demons and keep the keep evil away. In Korean culture, Jangseungs had their own significance, but nowadays, they are rarely seen around. In order to pay tribute to this part of Korean culture, Kowoon (Kate) Jang has ...

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